Our Story

I’m on the road a lot. I always have been. I love exploring new places. My dopp kit and carryon luggage have been dialed in for years, but I never felt like I had a shoe option that could keep up with me. Either I would do my urban adventures (sightseeing, seeking out great hole in the wall restaurants) in sneakers, and then feel a little out of place if I had a meeting, a dinner at a nice restaurant, or an event to go to; or I would wear nice shoes and my feet would suffer. After trying countless shoes that could both handle a full day of walking and still look sharp, I didn’t find anything that met my needs. Maybe it was a bit overkill, but I decided to make my own. A shoe that has classic good looks — not too formal or informal, and is truly functional. I started sketching and kept coming back to my favorite silhouette, the Chelsea boot. To make a shoe that could live up to such aesthetic and functional demands, I wanted to find the best craftsmen and leather. All my research kept pointing to Italy. It should be no surprise as most of the famous luxury brands manufacture in Italy. I went to visit factories and was blown away not only by the level of skill, but also the proximity of all the suppliers to the factory. The factory I chose to work with has been working with the same leather supplier for so long, that it has an incredibly intimate knowledge of the leather and how best to work with it. My approach to developing these boots was to strike the right balance between form and function and then make the highest quality version of it. The result is the most versatile shoe I’ve ever worn. It’s super light, comfortable, easy to walk in, and looks good with jeans or a suit. I hope you like it as much as I do. Keep exploring, Raphael